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"Giving a testimonial for a product, is not something I would normally do, but the successes I've enjoyed with your Inhale-Away product has convinced me otherwise. Please know how grateful I am for your simple little rings. I have found new focus and feel happier. I push away from the table and am OK leaving uneaten food behind. The best part for me though is looking down at my hand throughout the day and seeing that little ring, reminding me of the weight loss goal I set. I take a long sniff and feel sure I can reach my target weight. Thank you so much!"

Suzanne Townsend - Kansas City, MO

  “I loved the fact that no one knew I was using the Inhale-Away ring. I just slipped it on my finger and took a sniff whenever I wanted. And when I ended up leaving food on my plate, no one even gave it a thought.”

Corky Hanner - Houston, TX
  "I've never given my sense of smell much thought, let alone any credit for losing weight. After sniffing the ring, it seemed to happen all by itself, I just ate less. I like my nose now, better than ever! LOL!"

Jerry Jardine - Pleasant Hill, CA
  "My struggle has always been emotional eating. I seem to let my daily problems trigger a cycle of snack bingeing. Now when I smell my Inhale-Away ring, an image of a new, slimmer ME pops into my mind. Seeing that mental picture helps me make better eating choices."

Karen Gardner - Gilbert, AZ

"I had some good success at L.A. Weight Loss for six months. I love those guys! About month number four, I began loosing steam instead of weight. Then I started using the Inhale-Away rings, and noticed my weigh-ins were a lot more fun – cause I was nudging down again. I didn't lose any extra weight with the rings, but I certainly got off the plateau I’d been on. You've got a very useful product there.”

Brenda St.John - Nashville, TN


"I was running for re-election in my district and felt that I wanted to drop a few pounds both for health and appearance reasons. Going on a particular diet didn't make sense because I end up eating at all kinds of establishments when I'm working the streets. With the Inhale-Away product I felt I could eat a small amount of a variety of things and not feel like I needed to fill up at any one place."

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A Great Smelling Way to Loose Weight!
Inhale-Away is a great smelling way to loose weight!




Inhale-Away Helps You Make Heallthier Food Choices
helps motivate you to make better eating choices.



Breath new life into your weight loss efforts!

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