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Eat Fewer Calories. Control Cravings. Feel Full Sooner

The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring is an ingenious, weight loss aid that has been proven effective time and time again. The three Inhale-Away scents, Egyptian, Bavarian and Tahitian, contain compounds that mimic food odors to create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness.

Variety is an Important Part of Your Success

Feeling deprived of a particular food has proven the downfall for many dieters. The brain and body want variety in order to stay engaged and satisfied. For this reason, there are three aromatic blends that work together to help you stay on track.

Inhale-Away Packets

Each of the three aromatic blends; Egyptian, Bavarian and Tahitian, include the powerful ingredients that work on the brain and body - but the power doesn't end there. When the three blends are used together, they provide the varied stimulation the brain demands. They also create a aromatic recipe for success.

Inhale-Away helps you remember to behave. It gives you something to look at, something to feel and something to smell. It uses three of your senses to help you control your sense of taste.

In the time it takes to open the package, slip the ring on your finger and take a few breaths –you go from feeling ho-hum to gung-ho!

You'll feel refreshing currents of noticeable motivation -- right through your nose!

Inhalation of the Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid Creates Three Beneficial Effects.

  1. Physiological. Direct stimulation of the nasal epithelium, limbic area and other brain structures as well as indirect stimulation of the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems.
  2. Chemical. Chemical changes in the brain are created by the release of dopamine, endorphins and other neurotransmitters.
  3. Psychological. As a result of the physiological and blood chemistry effects, the emotive and behavioral conditions of satiation, mood, motivation, pleasure, attention and satisfaction are stimulated.

Inhale-Away Laboratory

Empirical Proof This Works!

According to two studies, inhaling the proprietary Inhale-Away scents were shown to produce physiological and psychological changes in the participants. Measurable improvement was shown in the participant's feeling full during meals, control of food cravings between meals and a willingness to leave food on their plates. Improved mood and motivation were also noted.

  • Participants in a clinical study lost an average of 1.6 pounds more using rings infused with the Inhale-Away scents.
  • Athletic club members reported increased motivation and resolve to stay on their diet plans.
  • College students reported increased will power to avoid eating unhealthy snacks.

The inhalation of Inhale-Away before a meal enhanced the user's sense of feeling full. When the scent was inhaled between meals, the user felt an increased motivation to skip the snack and stay on target. The findings indicate that a beneficial outcome from inhaling the scent serves as an important adjunct to an individual's weight loss regime. Using the Inhale-Away could also help an individual maintain a positive mood during all types of stressful situations.

After the Studies Came the Engineering

The proprietary scents were validated by the research. What came next was a convenient, easy to use and mess-free delivery device. One that provides a consistent ‘dose’ of active ingredients and focuses those beneficial effects directly on the individual user and not on anyone else that might be close by.

Numerous design engineers and product packaging experts were consulted and a number of viable prototypes were developed and assessed. Over a two-year period and in parallel with the on-going scent studies, the Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid ring design was tested, refined and released.

The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring was designed with dieters in mind who were looking for ‘an extra edge’ in sticking with their weight management plans. The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring is a supplement-type product that is pre-packaged, easy to use and mess-free -- a product that provides immediate and measurable effects. The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring delivers!

You Have To Inhale It To Believe It!

The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring is an aromatic diet aid that provides the proven benefits of scented breathing in a portable, personal, mess-free ring.

No other energy supplement compares to the Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring, because there is no other supplement like this! The bottom line is, IT WORKS! It has been tested and validated. It has been purchased by the public and people like it. Now it's your chance to experience our inhalable weight loss product for yourself.

With the Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring, you get a 'near-instant' feeling of empowerment and motivation. You can use the Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring right along with other foods, drinks and supplements. It's like adding an extra gust of wind in the sails of your diet program.

Prove It To Yourself

Hopefully you've read how our inhalable weight loss product works. You've taken a look at our research. You've seen a bunch of testimonials. You may be wondering, will it work for me? We're confident it will, but YOU have to inhale it to believe it!

Right now you're just a couple of clicks away from having this amazing new weight loss aid sent right to your door! A few short days away from experiencing first hand, better results from your current diet.

And if you've read all we've had to say, we hope you're interested in giving us a try. So we're willing to let you do it on our dime. Which is why we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. Order it, try it and if you don't have a positive experience, we'll return your money.

Imagine feeling full sooner, so you leave food on your plate and controlling your food cravings, so you say no to extra snacks. Can you see a healthier, happier YOU?

It's a no-brainer -- do yourself a favor, order your Inhale-Away Inhaler Rings now and start enjoying the proven benefits of scented breathing. We're sure the ultimate value (of a more slender you) will be worth a lot more to you than the modest cost of the Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring (which is only pennies per breath).

Can you believe it? For less than the cost of your favorite magazine at the check-out line, you can have the power of this weight loss tool working for you.

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Feel Full Sooner
Inhale-Away provides proven aromatic benefits in a portable, personal, mess-free ring.




Feel Motivated and Empowered
Breathe it in and get a 'near-instant' feeling of empowerment and motivation.




Get An Intense Inhaling Experience
Each ring has been specifically designed and ‘dosed’ for an intense inhaling experience.




Portable, Personal and Mess Free

Scientifically proven and customer validated - Inhale-Away helps you feel full sooner, in just a few quick breaths.




Helps You Make Healthier Food Choices

Inhale-Away helps you alter behavior and improve the eating choices you make.




Helps Curb Your Food Cravings
helps you curb your food cravings and stick to your weight loss plan.



Enjoy increased motivation to skip the snack and stay on target.

Order Inhale-Away!


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