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Smell Your Way Skinny

by Dirk Cline

The nose on your face often gets credit for the sense of smell, when all it really does is channel the air containing odoriferous molecules. The actual work of ‘smelling’ is not done in the nose at all but in a tiny concentration of cells called the olfactory epithelium. This specialized tissue sits about three inches above and behind the nostrils in the nasal cavity and contains about 50 million sensory receptor neurons.

Each of these olfactory neurons has about 10 to 20 hair-like projections called cilia. It is within the cilia that the specific odor molecules bind to their respective chemoreceptors. This binding process creates a small electric current that travels to the olfactory bulb, which in turn relays the signal to the limbic area in the brain where it is processed.

The limbic area of the brain is responsible for the functions of memory storage, regulating mood and satiation. This is why certain smells can trigger powerful memories that are full of emotion. It’s also the way your brain tells you when it’s time to stop eating.

To prove this, scientists at a company called Inhalex, conducted a study of 101 men and women between the ages of 17 and 64, and found that participants who smelled specially formulated odors experienced an improvement in weight loss results.

All test subjects were in good health and had normal olfactory ability, as measured by a preliminary medical assessment and were at least 25 pounds overweight. All participants had also been enrolled in one of three weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, L.A. Weight Loss, or Jenny Craig) or actively following the South Beach, Atkins or Slim Fast diets for a minimum of three months.

Each subject completed a battery of pre and post-trial cognitive, physical and psychological assessments that included; eating exercising and sleeping habits, as well as self-rating of feelings of self esteem, self discipline, confidence, etc.

During the 90-day trial, each participant was given a supply of specially designed finger rings that had been infused with one of three different aromatic blends. The subjects were instructed to select one of the rings/scents and inhale it repeatedly throughout the day. They were to select and inhale a different scent from one day to the next. Participants were also instructed to not deviate from their respective eating and exercise plans.

The findings showed that the special formulations most effected the results of those participants who had a well defined, self-focused goal for their weight loss and who saw themselves as active and willing to exercise.

Average weight loss was 1.2 pounds per week more than during each of the previous three months.

The study found the participants more able to ignore food cravings, so they snacked less between meals. Participants indicated they felt full and more satisfied sooner during meals and tended to leave some amount of food on their plate, instead of ‘cleaning’ it.

Subjects also reported that seeing the ring, feeling it on and with their fingers and smelling the aroma helped them to remember their weight loss goals and stick to their program. The physical movement of raising the ring to the nose and inhaling may have triggered kinesthetic memory that reminded the participants to stay on track.

The company that sponsored the study hopes to bring a product to market to help the dieting public achieve better results on any type of weight management program.

The company that conducted the study is bringing a product to market to help the dieting public achieve better results on any type of weight management program.

It’s a pre-packaged diet aid called Inhale-Away. The product is a disposable finger ring that has been infused with a special scent designed to help you feel full sooner during your meals and eat less. It also works as a behavior modification tool to reinforce weight loss goals.




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