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Inhale-Away is NOT a Pill or a Diet Plan

A Simple Tool – NOT a Diet Program

The Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid is NOT an eating program or weight management system. It is a powerful and proven tool that can improve your results with ANY diet or exercise routine. Whether you're currently on Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast, South Beach, eDiets or any other program, using an Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring will help you get faster and more long-lasting results.

Use Your Nose to Curb Your Cravings - Inhale-Away the Pounds

This powerful weight-loss tool helps you control the amount of food you eat during a meal AND curb your food cravings between meals. You'll find yourself feeling full sooner and then leaving food on your plate. Just think of it -- all those extra calories staying on your plate instead of adding up inside of you.

And any time you feel a craving creeping up on you, just use the Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring to inhale away the urge to indulge. Before you know it, you'll be eating less, feeling better and looking great – all without eliminating the foods you enjoy or altering your current weight management program.

Scent-Based Behavior Modification

In addition to the brain science involved in feeling fuller, Inhale-Away Inhaler Rings help you alter behavior and improve the eating choices you make. As you incorporate the Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid into your daily activities, the inhalation of the vapors acts as a displacement mechanism and a powerful reminder of your weight loss goals.

The physical presence and the visual cue of the ring on your finger also help to reinforce your goal-based behaviors. The combination of something to look at, something to feel and something to smell - uses three of your senses to help you control your sense of taste.

Simply put, Inhale-Away helps you remember to behave.

You'll find yourself replacing that tempting snack with refreshing breaths of these delightful scents. And as your successes multiply, the pleasant odors work to reinforce your resolve and remind you to eat right.

No One Needs to Know

The Inhale-Away Inhaler Ring slips easily on your finger. There’s no applicator or container to fiddle with. It's just right there - on your hand, ready to go. And the vapors from the device don't permeate the surrounding air, so no one needs to know you're wearing "the ring".

A Powerful Weight Loss Partner

No trick, gimmick, pill or potion is going to magically remove weight from your body. Inhale-Away Inhaler Rings are simply one of many tools you can use to help you achieve your weight loss goals. And while we guarantee that you will have a positive experience – we don’t claim to be a miracle cure-all. There is no such thing. The core of any successful weight loss program revolves around exercise and healthy eating.

However, when it comes to adding an extra edge to your efforts, the Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid can be a powerful partner.

Our promise to you is that you will have better results from ANY type of weight management program with our product, or we’ll give you your money back.

No matter what type of weight management program you're on, Inhale-Away will help you get better, faster and longer lasting results.

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Inhale-Away Helps Reduce Stress
helps reduce stress - a a primary predictor of overeating and relapse.



Powerful Weight Loss Tool
When it comes to adding an extra edge to your efforts, Inhale-Away can be a powerful partner.



Inhale-Away Helps You Stick to Your Goals!
Inhale-Away works as a displacement mechanism and a physical reminder to help you stick to your weight loss goals.



Healthy Food Choices
Inhale-Away works as a visual reminder to help you focus on healthy habits.


Enjoy increased motivation to skip the snack and stay on target.

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