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The Science of Odors and Weight Loss

Loosing Weight and Feeling Great Are Just A Breath Away!

The latest in brain science research has verified the connection between inhaling certain odors and the stimulation of neurotranmitters that effect satiation. These studies showed there was a positive effect on satiety, stress reduction, outlook and motivation. Improvement in mood and self-image were also indicated.

The Inhale-Away compounds effect the brain in three powerful ways:

  1. They are instantly coded as "satiation stimulus" in the brain via the olfactory bulb.
  2. They stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain and beta-endorphins in the blood.
  3. They trigger the diencephalon to release the pleasure chemicals dopamine and other opioids.
Brain Scan Image  

Brain Scan Image

Inhale-Away odorant molecules enter the nose and connect with odor receptors in the nasal epithelium.

Electrochemical signals are generated in the olfactory bulb and are instantly transmitted to the limbic area of the brain.

The diencephalon, in the limbic area, stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphins.

Under the direction of these powerful brain chemicals, the body responds with specific physiological and psychological responses.


Feeling Full Sooner

The chemical signals triggered by the Inhale-Away scents mimic the neurotransmitters of satiation, which sends the “I'm full and satisfied” message to the brain. The brain conveys the perception of fullness in exactly the same way as if nourishment had been consumed. Whether from food or from a scent, the signal of feeling full is the same to the brain. So if you’re looking to cut a few calories, try letting your brain breathe instead of filling your stomach.

Stimulated Metabolism

Special constituents in the Inhale-Away aromas stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain, which in turn release beta-endorphins into the blood. Endorphins in the blood supply stimulate metabolism, allow muscles to carry out more work with less fatigue and help the nervous system better handle stress.

The benefit to you is your muscles get a slight boost, you burn a few more calories and you fend off a bit of stress.

Better Mood Leads to Behaving – Not Craving

For dieters, stress is a primary predictor of overeating and relapse. Stress can reinforce poor eating behaviors and trigger indulgences and cravings -- and when it comes to comfort food, you can blame your overeating on a bad mood.  Research has shown that most people desired comfort food when they felt sad, depressed or lonely.

The Inhale-Away scents stimulate the production of dopamine in the hypothalamus. The presence of dopamine in the brain produces a sense of pleasure and a motivation to avoid or remove unpleasant stimuli. When you’re under stress, smelling the Inhale-Away scents can help put you in a better mood, feel happier and of course feel full and satisfied too.

In a recent study, dieters lost more weight wearing and smelling specially treated finger rings, regardless of the weight management program each participant was following. Participants reported that seeing the ring, feeling it on their finger and smelling the scent combined to create a compelling reminder that they were watching their weight.

Respondents Rated Their Feelings With and Without Using Inhale-Away

Before and After Using Inhale-Away

Just a Few Breaths Away

With the Inhale-Away you're just a few breaths away from feeling more empowered and motivated to stick to your weight management plans and goals. You simply have to inhale it to believe it!

Inability to Smell May Be A Cause of Weight Gain

It's important to note that a very small percentage of the population (approximately 2%) have a diminished olfactory sense. These individuals suffer from a condition called anosmia, which means no sense of smell; hyposmia which is a decreased ability to smell; or dysosmia which is when things smell differently than they should. It is likely that people who have these conditions will have a limited experience with the Inhale-Away products.

Anosmia may be a cause of weight problems. If you have a hard time smelling or tasting your food, you might find yourself eating too much or too little. Ansomia might cause you to use too much sugar, salt or other caloric flavorings to make your food taste better.

If you believe you have a diminished sense of smell, your healthcare professional can test and treat you.



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