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Caffeine Makes You Fat

by Dirk Cline

Myths abound about the value of caffeine to help cut weight. You would think that since so many diet products contain some form of caffeine, it would have a significant benefit. Truth is, caffeine makes you pee – and that’s about it for weight loss benefits.

More truth is, caffeine makes you fat – and here’s how.

Caffeine aggravates emotional, mental and physiological stress. Caffeine increases the levels of epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol (stress hormones) which are responsible for high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Under the influence of these hormones, oxygen to the brain and extremities is reduced and the immune system is inhibited.

Research shows a relationship between habitual caffeine use and excessive levels of the stress hormones. Elevated levels of cortisol appear to cause accumulation of extra fat in the abdomen, as well as an increased appetite and the craving of fat-rich foods. Weight gain in the abdomen also stimulates the release of additional stress hormones.

Caffeine also acts on the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands and causes hypoglycemia. This causes decreased circulation to the brain, immediate and continual constriction of blood vessels throughout the body and a pervasive feeling of low blood sugar. The feelings of low blood sugar cause an increase in appetite and food cravings and further interfere with maintaining a proper body weight.

Smelly Tricks of the Fashion Trade

Fashion models have been avoiding caffeine for this reason for years and have discovered two clever secrets to help fight cravings and eat less.

  1. This olfactory trick allows them to curb their cravings and indulge in sweet and fattening treats without gaining weight. They'll buy a delicious treat, fill their mouths, chew thoroughly and then spit it all out. They also keep the wrapper close by in order to smell it later on. A bit on the messy side, but apparently effective.
  2. The other secret is far more sanitary. It’s a pre-packaged diet aid called Inhale-Away. The product is a disposable finger ring that has been infused with a special scent designed to help you feel full sooner during your meals and eat less. It also works as a behavior modification tool to reinforce weight loss goals. What will science come up with next!

Bottom line – if you want to cut weight, cut the caffeine or act like a super model and smell your way skinny.




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