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Benefits of the Inhale-Away Weight Loss Aid

Expect the following results from Inhale-Away:

  1. You get better results from ANY weight management program
  2. You feel more motivated to stick to your eating and exercise goals
  3. You feel fuller sooner during your meals
  4. You leave food on your plate
  5. Your food cravings are reduced
  6. You are happier and in a better mood
  7. You feel less stress - a primary predictor of overeating and relapse
  8. You have a visual reminder to help you maintain your focus on healthy habits
  9. You have a tactile reminder to help you remember you are watching your weight
  10. You have an odor reminder to help you behave when you crave
  11. You have a physical object to reinforce and enhance your visualization exercises
  12. You have a discreet tool you can use out in the open without anyone knowing
  13. You don't feel any caffeine jitters

Woman's Hand Wearing an Inhale-Away Ring

Additional Inhale-Away benefits:

  1. Proven safe and effective
  2. Safe for young dieters
  3. 100% money-back guarantee
  4. Inexpensive - less than the cost of a favorite snack
  5. Convenient, mess-free and disposable
  6. Contains no calories – benefits are inhaled not ingested
  7. Safe to use with all other types of foods and supplements
  8. Creates an inconspicuous, personal aroma environment
  9. Helps mask unpleasant odors – such as public restrooms or smelly traveling companions
  10. Makes a great gift - for birthdays, special occasions, thank you gifts, prizes and giveaways

Recommended techniques to promote healthy eating behaviors:

  1. Plan your meals to have only a few different types of flavors
  2. Eat your meals at regular times, without skipping - avoid long gaps of time between eating
  3. Take a fiber supplement before each meal
  4. Add spices to your food - some spices increase metabolism
  5. Use smaller dishes and serving wear
  6. Don't place serving dishes on the table, keep them in the kitchen
  7. Don't multi-task while eating (reading, computer, television, etc.)
  8. Measure your food intake
  9. Reduce the size of your portions
  10. If you have a choice, eat your food hot - this helps to stimulate odor molecules
  11. Slow the pace of your eating
  12. Smell your food before you begin to eat - smell each bite before it goes into your mouth
  13. Count the number of times you chew - chewing also activates odor molecules
  14. Always leave some food on your plate
  15. Say "NO" to second servings
  16. Repack large retail food packages into smaller containers
  17. Keep snacks and treats out of sight and hard to reach
  18. Only eat snacks at the kitchen table - always from a plate, never from the package
  19. Exercise regularly - mix rigorous and moderate activities with resistance training
  20. Add extra movements and activities into your daily routine
  21. Early to bed, early to rise . . . sleep deprivation leads to weight gain
  22. Observe and record your daily eating and exercise behaviors as well as your feelings
  23. Give yourself special "non-food related" rewards for reaching daily goals
  24. Focus on more than weight loss as your goal - choose health and happiness

Order your supply of Inhale-Away and see how this innovative aromatic supplement can breathe success into your weight loss efforts - you won’t be disappointed.




Healthy Female Weighlifting Dieter
improves your mood and motivation to work out.



Inhale-Away Helps Mask Foul Odors
even helps mask unpleasant odors - like public restrooms.


Inhale-Away is Guaranteed!


Weight Loss Aid


No calories
No caffeine
No kidding!

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