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Inhale-Away Weight Loss Packets

Diet Success is Only a Breath Away!

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* Feel full sooner
* Control cravings
* Eat fewer calories

* Reach the Ideal YOU
* Works with ANY diet program
* Money-back guarantee

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Inhale-Away helps you alter dieting behavior and reinforce healthy eating habits.



Remove the Urge to Indulge!

If you’re like most people who are serious about loosing weight and enjoying a healthier lifestyle, you could use a bit of help sticking to your weight loss goals.

Now you can reduce the amount of food you eat and curb your cravings with a proven aroma-science diet technology. Just wear the specially designed Inhale-Away diet-aid ring on your finger and breathe new life into ANY type of weight management program.

Before you know it, you'll be eating less, feeling better and looking great. Just think of it - all those extra calories staying on your plate instead of adding up inside of you.

This fast-acting, diet inhalant lasts for hours and is safe to use with other supplements. Try it and experience the benefits for yourself. Losing weight has never had such a breath of fresh air!

Active Dieting Woman
Inhale-Away helps keep you reach your diet goals Control Cravings Eat Fewer Calories Feel Full Sooner Feel More Optimistic Feel Increased Motivation Better Mood
Better Diet
Eat Fewer
Feel Full
Feel More
Woman Wearing an Inhale-Away Diet Ring

Wear The
Ring On Your
Finger For
Instant Access
To The
Diet Effect.

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Improves the Results of Any Diet

Improves the results of ANY weight management program.

Inhale-Away Helps Control Cravings
Works to control your food cravings between meals.
Inhale-Away Helps You Feel Full Sooner

Helps you feel full sooner so you eat less food during your meal.

Safe & Effective for Young Dieters

Improves mood, motivation and willingness to diet and exercise.

Works as a Behavior Modification Tool

Works as a scent-based behavior modification tool - to loose weight.

Inhalex Laboratories

Validated by numerous diet studies and weight loss surveys.

Rings are Disposable

When the scent is gone, just throw it away - the ring is disposable.



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